Wedding of the Year

Washington, Dec 15: The grandeur of TomKat's Italian nuptials not only caught guests by surprise, but it also found its place at the top of the In Touch magazine poll.

The couple's star-studded wedding that took place on 18 November, 06 topped a new list of the Weddings of The Year, followed by punk-pop couple Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley.

Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson's five-minute St Tropez, France wedding came in third, while Tori Spelling's second big day with new husband Dean McDermott on a beach in Fiji went on to claim thefourth slot, reports Contactmusic.

And, while Cruise's Italian wedding crashed in at number one, actress Patricia Arquette's marriage with Thomas Jane in Venice, Italy made the top 10 at number five.

The top 10 weddings of the year, according to In Touch are:

  1. Tom Cruise + Katie Holmes in Italy
  2. Deryck Whibley + Avril Lavigne in Montecito, California
  3. Kid Rock + Pamela Anderson in St Tropez, France
  4. Dean McDermott + Tori Spelling in Fiji
  5. Thomas Jane + Patricia Arquette in Venice, Italy
  6. Brigitte Nielson + Mattia Dessi in Malta
  7. Anna Nicole Smith + Howard K Stern in the Bahamas
  8. Pink + Carey Hart in Costa Rica
  9. Oliver Hudson + Erinn Bartlett in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
  10. Nicole Kidman + Keith Urban in Manly, Australia. (ANI)

More Celebrity Sitings

I love brunch at Celebrity Centre International. It's a great brunch -- the best in town for the quality of the food and the ambiance.

And one fun thing about it is the occasional celebrity siting.

Of course we all try to act like nothing happened, and give them some space so they don't have to feel like their privacy is being violated. After all, they are entitled to a relaxing couple of hours over the best food in LA.

But it's still lots of fun!

Who's Dat Cat?

"My Name is Earl" star Jason Lee appeared as a cat in Christmas Stories held at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International in Hollywood, in support of the Hollywood Police Athletic League's youth programs.

Who's Playing Rudolf?

Kelly Preston performs as a reindeer during 'Christmas Stories XIV,' a collection of skits and music to benefit the Hollywood Police Activities League, at the Church of Scientology International Celebrity Centre

Moon Bloodgood

Moon Bloodgood is a model/actress that can be seen on ABC's Day Break, Eight Below, Moonlight Serenade, and the up coming Pathfinder.

Moon Bloodgood is of Korean, Dutch, Native American, and Irish decent.

Moon Bloodgood was once an LA Lakers cheerleader

Maxium top 100 in 05 and 06

Tom & Katie to have post-wedding party

Updated: 2006-12-07 08:57

NEW YORK - Newlyweds Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes will celebrate their nuptials with a post-wedding party in Los Angeles this weekend. A reception/cocktail party will be held Saturday at the home of Hollywood power couple Paula Wagner, who is Cruise's producing partner, and Rick Nicita, the actor's agent, Arnold Robinson, a spokesman for Cruise, told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes arrive at the Legends Ball, in a Saturday, May 14, 2005 photo in Calif. [AP]

Cruise, 44, and Holmes, 27, were married Nov. 18 in Bracciano, Italy. Afterward, they flew to the Maldives for a two-week honeymoon.

The party is "for friends (who) were not able to attend the wedding in Italy," Robinson said.

Cruise and Holmes are the parents of a 7-month-old daughter, Suri.

Nancy Cartwright

Here's a great piece by Nancy Cartwright. Enjoy...

A Day In The Life...

Nancy Cartwright gives a "how to" and "how come" look at the voice-over industry.

November 21, 2006
By Nancy Cartwright

For you dedicated readers who have been following this column for the past couple issues, this is to let you know that I am currently interviewing a handful of voice-over professionals to get their perspective on the animation industry -- ranging from directors, to casting directors, to voice artists, to animators. I know there is a LOT of interest in the "how to" and the "how come" of this industry and my next issue will focus on some of those points.

Meanwhile... a diversion:
Recently I celebrated my birthday. Yes, I am nearly 5X Bart's age... with the operative word being "nearly." Dana Walden and Gary Newman, exes at 20th Century Fox Television acknowledged that anniversary by giving me a special visit to the set of 24. Needless to say, I am a HUGE fan of the show. The writing is superb, the casting is impeccable and the performances are seamless. About now you are probably wondering what this has to do with voice overs. Well, nothing and something.>> continued

Hikaru Utada

Utada Hikaru is an extremely popular Jpop star.

Hikaru Utada was born in New York city on January 19, 1983.

Both of Hikaru's parents where in the music industry. Hikaru's dad is Teruzane Utada who is a music producer (he also produced his daughters albums) and her mother was enka singer Keiko Fuji.

Hikaru Utada started her music career in 96, in the US under the stage name Cubic U.

She didn't make much of splash state side but the record was released in Japan in 98 and again a year later.

in 1999 Utada Hikaru released First Love.

that album sold 5 million copies in it's first month and made Utada Hikaru one of the richest people in Japan.

In 2001 Utada released 3rd album Distance. This year she also attended Columbia University but shortly dropped out to pursue music

In 2002 she released Deep River and although she couldn't go on TV to promote herself due to surgery to get rid of an ovarian tumor. She still sold 2.35 million albums in her first week.

In 2004 Hikaru Utada tried to once again crack the American market with an all English album titled Exodus.

This album received very little promotion from it's label Def Jam and was a flop in America. But was a hit in Japan (even though it was in English)

in 2005 Hikaru Utada released the album Ultra Blue.

her single Passion is the theme to the Disney/final fantasy video game Kingdom Hearts 2

in may 2006 Utada Hikaru released the single This Is Love on iTunes
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