Vogue Black

I was one of the many to purchase a copy of Vogue Italia's all black everything edition last year. The magazine featured all black models in its editorials, and also featured four of the top black models in the industry on the cover. The success and media attention surrounding the black edition spawned the launch of the new website: Vogue Black. The site is focusing (not completely exclusively but mainly) on black icons of the fashion and modeling
world–past and present. Currently they are featuring the fashion icons like Grace Jones, Tyra Banks, and others.

And who said curvy woman aren't interested in fashion? Well visit the new Vogue Curvy which was just launched as well. It’s focusing on the curvier side of the fashion industry. And the icons and celebs who fit that bill as well.

I'm a fan.

Summer Altice Body Paint

Summer Altice is a lovely celebrity fashion model and occasional actress, perhaps best known as Playboy Playmate of the Month (August 2000).

Summer Altice has a couple of Body Paint designs which we know of, including an absolutely beautiful butterfly with a small dolphin in the center, on her lower back.

She also has a tiny butter fly Body Paint on the top of her right foot.

Ricky Martin Body Paint

Ricky Martin is the Grammy Award winning Puerto Rican pop star, who got everyone's attention with his smash hit song, Livin' La Vida Loca, among other chart topping singles.

Ricky Martin has five Body Paint designs, mainly on his upper arms and shoulder area.

On his upper left arm is a naked woman, decorated in the four elements of nature, air, earth, fire and water. He also has a Body Paint of a lovely lotus flower on the inside portion of his left bicep.

The Body Paint on his right arm include, a beautiful script design written in the Aramaic language, of the sacred Lord's Prayer, the design has a wonderful spiral style to it.

On his pelvis is a rather small rose wrapped around a sword, which was his very first Body Paint design.

His most recent Body Paint is of the "Om symbol", which is a scared symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism cultures, representing "Brahman" (to grow).

Enjoy these pictures of Ricky Martin and his interesting Body Paint .

Chris "Birdman" Andersen Body Paint

When it comes to Body Paint in the NBA, Chris "Birdman" Andersen is the reigning champ of the most Body Paint in basketball.

Many of Chris Andersen's Body Paint are on his two arms, these Body Paint include, a giant skull wearing a crown, an eagle, chain links, a zombie looking Body Paint of himself, two large Chinese symbols, one on each forearm. And of course, his bird wings, which are on the bottom portion of his biceps.

Some of Chris Andersen's other Body Paint include, a pit bull dog on his chest, the words "Honky Tonk" on his stomach, and a player making a slam dunk, on his right arm.

Here we have some pictures of Chris Andersen and his Body Paint designs.

Scarlett Johansson Body Paint

Here we have the stunningly beautiful and equally as talented celebrity actress, Scarlett Johansson.

Scarlett Johansson currently has only one Body Paint , which is located on her left forearm. Its a Body Paint of a lovely sunrise, over looking the ocean with clouds.

Scarlett has been quoted as saying "It's kind of personal. It's a sunrise, and it makes me happy when I look at it."

Mary J Blige Body Paint

Lets have a close look at the lovely Body Paint of hip hop artist Mary J Blige.

Mary J Blige has a handful of Body Paint , including a rather large rose on her right thigh and a beautiful cross on her upper left arm.

She also has her name "Mary J Blige" as an armband Body Paint in old English lettering, on her right arm.

Checkout some photos of her array of Body Paint designs.

Cher Body Paint

Lets take a look at some of the various Body Paint of the wonder singer and actress Cher.

Cher has a rosary style cross on her upper left arm and a small crystal on her left forearm, but perhaps her most famous Body Paint is the one that graces across both of her butt cheeks, which includes an array of flowers with a butterfly.

Angelina Jolie Body Paint

Angelina Jolie is perhaps the single most Body Paint famous celebrity women in show business today, 13 at last count. Some of her Body Paint include, the phrase "Know Your Rights" and “Strength of Will” (Arabic).

She also has the geographical coordinates indicating the birthplaces of her children Body Paint on her left shoulder, amoung several other unique Body Paint artworks.


Pip Edwards debuts her A/W 10/11 footwear collection for Australian uber brand Sass And Bide.

A Gold Gladiator

Devi Kroell Fall 2010 Gold Gladiator Wedges


Sass & Bide RTW Fall 2010

The "COUP DE GRACE" low rise super skinny leg jeans are available for $271USD.

Bugs don't make a good Topping

Kirsten Dunst is "Turning Japanese"

Kirsten Dunst on set of “Turning Japanese” video dressed as the Japanese animie character Mojokko

Tommy Chong Body Paint

Tommy Chong is a great Canadian comedian, actor and musician, plus a legendary iconic figure of the hippie-era stoners.

Tommy Chong has a crest Body Paint which is surrounded by several stars, located on his right bicep.

Does Tommy Chong have anymore Body Paint ?

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