Exhibit on Scientology concerns psychiatrists

I love the way these guys put it:

Now, the St. Louis chapter of an organization founded by the Church of Scientology is hosting an
exhibit at the Missouri State Capitol that claims psychiatry is responsible for events such as the Holocaust and the Columbine shootings.

If you WATCH the videos in this exhibit you'll see it's not just a claim. It's a FACT.

So I'm glad the psychs are concerned.

It's about time they worried about their fraudulent diagnoses and their utter lack of results.

Jang Nara

Jang Nara is a Korean pop singer, model and actress.

Born in Seol Korea, Jang Nara got interested in acting as a child when she acted in a play with her father.

durning college Jang Nara started modeling

Jang Nara released her first ablum Burying My Face In Tears in 2000 right after she graduted college.

in 2001 she broke into acting by landing a role on the sitcom New Non Stop

Anne Archer

Anne Archer is one of the most beautiful women I've ever met - not just her looks, which are extraordinary, but her personality.

Here she is being interviewed at the grand opening of the Church of Scientology of Berlin.

She is a gracious, lovely lady.

Check out this story on Chick

I just found this in a Tampa paper:

Chick Corea up for two Grammys!

Clearwater, Florida - Most readers read to escape. They get lost in a story reading a book they can't put down. But when the words of a science fiction novel leap off the pages at jazz artist Chick Corea, he reads the story, and he gets lost in a melody.

His latest CD, “The Ultimate Adventure,” was inspired by the 1939 best-seller of the same name by L. Ron Hubbard. The music inspired by the novel has earned Corea two Grammy award nominations. The Clearwater native says the story takes him back to an Arabian village in North Africa called, “The City of Brass.” And he narrates a parelles of the story, while he plays the haunting melodies inspired by the tale.

Chick Corea, Jazz Musician and Grammy nominee:
“And the sun's just coming up, and it's shining on the brass towers of the city of brass. And it really evokes Arabia.

The Grammy nominations bring Corea's lifetime total to 50. He's recorded nearly 100 CD's from the 1960's to the present, and his latest is an art form he calls tone-poetry: He reads a story, and turns out music.

Chic Corea at the Grand Opening of the Scientology Church in Berlin

Chick Corea was there at the grand opening of the Church of Scientology of Berlin this weekend.

What an incredible event it was, too!

Ruby Lin

Ruby Lin is a Taiwanese actress, model, singer.

Ruby Lin was born January 27 1976 in Taipei, Taiwan. Her birth name is Lin Xinru.

in the mid 90's Ruby Lin started her acting and modeling career at 17 when she started doincommercialsls.

in 97 Ruby Lin was hand picked for the role of Princess Ziwei on the hit Chinese series Princess Huanzhu.

99 Ruby Lin released the EP Hearings and two years later she released her album face 2 face

2002 Ruby was the lead actress in the TV shows Half Life Fate (which she sang on the soundtrack for), Boy and Girls, and Flying Daggers.That's's 3 shows in one year, something most actress wouldn't even dream, where did she find the time.

In 2004 Ruby Lin stared in the tv show Magic Touch of Fate. The show has historicapresencese for two reasons. It was the most expensive show made in Asia and it kick started a trend of Chinese-Korean made shows.

After Magic Touch of Fate finished shooting Ruby Lin moved to New York to study.

Scientology Celebrities Attending Grand Opening?`

I heard there will be some surpise Scientology celebrities attending the grand opening of the new Church of Scientology of Berlin.

The whole grand opening is so exciting.

First of all, to have David Miscavige go to an event, you know it's a really special occasion.

Then, from what I understand there are going to be representatives from every Scientology church on earth attending seminars at this new church.

Then to have celebrities show up as well will lend it an even further air of celebration.

But I think the thing I like best about it is it signals a new era for Scientology in Germany. Right in the heart of the capital city. For years, Scientologists had to really fight for the right to practice their religion in Germany. Over the years, with court decision after court decision affirming Scientology to be a religion in Germany and with years of surveillance by the German version of the FBI finding absolutely no wrong-doing of any kind by any Scientology church of Scientologist in the country, to the point where the investigations have been dropped in nearly every German state, the opening of this church really feels like a new beginning of cooperation between the German government and the Scientology religion.

And another reason I find it so exciting is that Germany is such a productive nation, and has come so far in the past 60 years. Berlin suffered more in the post-WWII era than most other areas of the country, and 18 years after the fall of the Wall is still scrambling to catch up with the rest of the country.

I know that the social betterment programs and administrative technology the church has to offer can do so much to help those who are restore Berlin to the status it had before the War.
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