Jim Meskimen Does it Again!

Jim Meskimen
Scientologist Jim Meskimen's vocal abilities are phenomenal. The guy can do impressions of just about anyone. He is a regular now on the video site "JibJab" and his latest video for them is a masterpiece. What We Call the News doesn't just lampoon the news but makes some scary social commentary about, well, what we call the news.

New Template for the Site

I just switched to the new style Blogger templates. You probably won't notice a lot of difference in colors but I hope you notice the big list of Scientology Celebrities I've added to the side-bar.

The list is by no means complete so if you know of anyone else who should be added then please tell me by leaving a comment here.

Cute Actress Mallika Kapoor

Another Punjabi in the South Indian Film Industry, Mallika Kapoor is an actress in the Kollywood and Tollywood cinema.
Cute actress Mallika Kapoor
Cute Kollywood actress Mallika Kapoor
Beautiful face with great legs and feet display in the blue skirt photo shoot, below are some very high quality photos of Mallika Kapoor.

South Indian Actress Mallika Kapoor HQ photo
Mallika Kapoor HQ photo
Cute Mallika Kapoor

Hottest leg and feet show by Shraddha Das

Hot photos of Shraddha Das from the movie target. The actress doesn't mind showing her body at all judging from these shoots. Notwithstanding her acting skills, a promising career in South indian film industry awaits her if she continues her skin show in the same manner. However as with most of her contemporaries, skin show won't take you far, not that we are complaining.

Sexy leg show by Shraddha Das
Sexy leg show by Shraddha Das
Sexy leg show by Shraddha Das
Sexy leg show by Shraddha Das
Sexy leg show by Shraddha Das
Sexy leg show by Shraddha Das

Couple of ultra High Quality photos from the above shoot
High Quality Shraddha Das Sexy photo
HQ photo of Shraddha Das

Ayesha Takia bare feet photo shoot

Ayesha Takia photoshoot from a press conference as she sits bare feet on her couch. Not her prettiet look though. Her prettier look will be seen in a post on this blog in the coming days.
Ayesha Takia Bare Feet
Ayesha Takia Bare Feet
Ayesha Takia Bare Feet
Ayesha Takia Bare Feet
Ayesha Takia Bare Feet

Indian Models

Extreme high quality photos of three top Indian models barefoot.

Anusha dandekar is a top Indian model and a VJ at MTV. She has now made foray into Bollywood.

The photo below shows Models Nina Manuel and Sayali Bhagat(the latter has also entered the film industry) on the ramp in traditional Indian attire barefoot.

South Indian Actress Sridevi

Sridevu Bare Feet

South Indian actress Sridevi barefeet movie stills in a white night gown. Gorgeous Feet.

South Indian Actress Sridevi Vijayakumar

South Indian Actress Sridevi Vijayakumar

Not to be confused with the Sridevi of Bollywood. This girl has the cutest white feet i have seen. Maybe its the photoshoot.

Sneha Ullal - The Aishwarya Rai Look alike

Bollywood Actress Sneha Ullal

The first thing one notices about Sneha Ullal is her striking resemblance to Aishwarya Rai. Her debut film Lucky: No time for love was touted as one with a Aish lookalike. Although her years in bollywood have born no resemblance whatsoever to Aishwarya. Her average acting skills and bad movie choices haven't helped her.
Sneha Ullal was born in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. The photos below are from her recent photos hoot.
Sneha Ullal Bollywood actress feet show
Actress Sneha Ullal photo shoot
Cute Sneha Ullal
Sneha Ullal Feet show

Trisha Leg Show

Old photos of South Indian(Tamil) cinema actress Trisha Krishnan at a VLCC event. She puts her best foot forward literally.
Trisha Cute Actress
Trisha Legs
South Indian Actress Trisha

Suri Cruise - A Supermodel at 2 years old

Suri Cruise
Just kidding, sort of. Though, in a way it is true. Check this out: On their website, In Style magazine has an entire gallery devoted to Suri Cruise! Suri's Stylish.

Hey, getting an entire photo gallery on the In Style website certainly puts you on a par with supermodels. Not bad for a little girl who just turned two years old.

- Suri's Extended Family Celebrates Her 2nd Birthday
- Suri Cruise Turns 2 Years Old

Connor Cruise gets his start in movies

Connor Cruise
Tom Cruise's adopted son, Connor, will be making his debut in movies, playing one of the main characters as a boy. It's a non-speaking part, but it's a start!

Connor was not given any special preference because of who his parents are, he had to audition just like anyone else. I would guess that growing up around movie sets and the paraphenalia of Hollywood would make this a very familiar area for him.

So now his career in movies is off to a great start: he's not just in a Will Smith movie, but he's also playing Smith as a boy.

You can read more here: Connor Cruise Is Making His Big Screen Debut

High Resolution Namitha Photos

Tamil Actress Namitha Hot photo on the beach
Here are some ultra high resolution photos of Tamil Actress Namitha from the movie Parthu. The high quality hot photos of Namitha have been taken from a song shoot in the film. Nice legs and feet.
Hot Namitha
Tamil Actress Namitha Hot photo
Super Hot Namitha
Hot legs and feet - Namitha
Tamil Actress Namitha

Hot Leg Show from Telugu Movie Target

After the Hot photos of Shraddha Das in solo post, here are more from her debut film Target, this time with the hero. A telugu movie which seems to have only item numbers from the looks of it. The photos are from a song and dance shoot.

Shraddha Das hot legs and feet
Shraddha Das hot legs and feet
Shraddha Das hot legs and feet
Shraddha Das hot legs and feet
Shraddha Das hot legs and feet
Hot telugu star Shraddha Das HQ photo

Here are couple of super high resolution shots from the movie.

High resolution photo from Target

There are more photos from the movie coming soon..
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