Raoul F/W 2010 by Marcelo Krasilcic



AJ Abualrub and Irina Vodolazova star in the Fall/Winter 2010 ad campaign for Singaporean fashion label Raoul, shot by Marcelo Krasilcic.



Sebastian Bach Tattoos

Sebastian Bach is a legendary Canadian heavy metal singer, best known for his fun lively personality and for being the ex-frontman of Skid Row.

Sebastian Bach has quite a few of tattoo designs on his body, including a beautiful art piece on his right forearm, which was an original painting by his father and inked by the great tattoo artist, K Von D.

The tattoos on his right arm include, a rather large flower on his shoulder, along with a Chinese symbol just below it. He has a pair of flaming converse shoes along with the phrase "Youth Gone Wild" on his forearm, plus a double edged dagger on his inner wrist and forearm area.

He has an array of tattoos on his left wrist, including a big mouth with eyes, red lips and tongue, plus a tribal design with flowers.

Some of his other tattoos include, a roadrunner on his hip and the name "Maria" on his neck.

Tom Arnold Body Paint

Tom Arnold is a successful yet somewhat troubled American actor and comedian, known for his role in a slew of movies, including True Lies and Big Bully.

Tom Arnold has four Body Paint on his body, which we are aware of.

His Body Paint include, a portrait of his former wife Roseanne Barr located on the left side of his chest, along with the Jewish "Star of David" on the right side of his chest.

Tom also has a well intentioned Chinese symbol Body Paint on his right leg, which was meant to say "Love of Mankind", however he later discovered the Body Paint says "Man Love".

He was quoted as saying “I have a Body Paint that I thought said Love of Mankind, which I got after the Tiananmen square thing. They said, don’t mention that on Chinese TV. They also told me it actually says Man Love.”

And finally, Tom has a large Body Paint on his left shoulder which appears to be some flowers of sorts.

Aqua Viva by Tomas Falmer



After the sexy courier editorial we bring you a look at Aqua Viva from the September 2010 issue of Attitude magazine. The underwear editorial was shot by Tomas Falmer on location in the grounds of the Abbadetta Hotel with styling by Frank Strachan featuring Ivan.



Fiona Apple Body Paint

Fiona Apple is an extremely talented and creative American singer-songwriter, with a music style influenced by jazz, pop and alternative rock.

Fiona Apple has two Body Paint designs which we know of and both are located on her lower back.

She has a Body Paint of the letters "KIN" and "FHW" on the lower portion of her back

Gillian Anderson Body Paint

Gillian Anderson is a tremendous Emmy and Golden Globe award winning actress, known for her role as Dana Scully on the smash hit television show, The X-Files.

Gillian Anderson has two Body Paint designs which i am aware of, including two small tribal turtles on the inside of her right ankle, they are a sacred symbol from a native group on the island of Tahiti, which is where she had the Body Paint done.

She also has a Body Paint on her right wrist, of the Sanskrit symbol for "every day".

Gillian was quoted as say "It was painful, it felt like I was at the dentist and they were drilling into my bone".

Art Alexakis Body Paint

Art Alexakis is the singer, lead guitarist and songwriter of the rock group, Everclear.

Art Alexakis has quite a few Body Paint designs, mainly focusing on his arms which are covered in two very colorful sleeves.

Some of the Body Paint within the sleeve on his right arm include, a handful of cartoon characters, like the Cat In The Hat with the Grinch on his bicep, on his forearm is all three of the "Powder Puff Girls" Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. Plus a large 3D spiderweb on his elbow, and a man with an umbrella and top-hat.

The designs on his left arm include, a large band of tribal markings on his upper arm, a Koi fish on the inside of his forearm and fish gills pretty much cover his entire left arm.

Art Alexakis has a slew of other Body Paint designs, including the name of his ex wife behind his right ear, and a Body Paint wedding ring, for which he has been quoted as saying "Well, it is very romantic and a lovely idea, but I don't recommend it"

Checkout these pictures of Art Alexakis's Body Paint artwork.

I've Got a Package For You by Philip Riches | Attitude



Photographer Philip Riches and stylist Frank Strachan collaborate on the sexy courier-themed editorial 'I've Got a Package For You' in the new September 2010 issue of Attitude magazine. Models Matt Morgan, Jarrel Henry, Aaron Sillis, Jay H, Scott, Randy, Petar and Aaron Frew deliver the goods with grooming by Adam Burrell.



It’s going to be a boy for the Travolta family!

John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston

It’s going to be a boy for the Travolta family!

E! Online reported that a rep for actors John Travolta and Kelly Preston confirmed that the couple is having a son.

Read The Full Story: John Travolta, Kelly Preston Having A Boy – IndyPosted

A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists. — Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard

Lenny Kravitz Body Paint

Lenny Kravitz is a tremendously talented singer-songwriter and record producer.

Lenny has four Body Paint which we known of, including a large Japanese style dragon which spans across the left side of his chest, shoulder and upper left arm area, the ink colors include, black grey and red.

He has a rather large flower patch Body Paint on his left forearm, which appears to contain several lilies and daisies among other types of flowers.

Plus an interesting style of cross with little triangles on his right bicep and an autograph script Body Paint on his right forearm. Lenny is also rumored to have a new Body Paint across the top of his back.

Feast your eyes on these pictures of Lenny Kravitz and his Body Paint designs.

David Beckham Body Paint

Lets have a look at the Body Paint of legendary great professional footballer, David Beckham.

David Beckham is absolutely cover in Body Paint artwork, including two full sleeves. Most of his Body Paint are of religious symbols, like angels and crucifixes.

Here is a quick rundown of his Body Paint .

David has a large crucifixion scene on his back, along with the names of his sons, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.

The tattoos on his right arm include a canvas of clouds which forms the sleeve, along with an Asian lady with angel wings, and just above it reads "In the face of adversity." Plus another angel on the back side of his upper arm, which appears to be praying.

On the inside of his right forearm is the roman numeral VII, for his jersey number seven, and just below that is the Latin phrase "Perfectio In Spiritu" meaning "spiritual perfection."

The Body Paint within the sleeve on his left arm include, the name of his wife and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, written in Hindi, underneath her name is the Latin phrase "Ut Amem Et Foveam" which translates to "so that I love and cherish." He also has several stars running down his forearm with a rose flower, near his elbow.

David has several Mandarin Chinese letters running down the left side of his torso which reads 'Death and life have determined appointments, Riches and honors depends upon heaven.’

His most recent Body Paint is of a crucifix with angel wings, which is located on the back of his neck.

Checkout these pictures of David Beckham and his Body Paint.

Mena Suvari Body Paint

Lets have a quick look at the Body Paint of delightful celebrity actress, Mena Suvari.

Mena Suvari has three Body Paint that i am aware of , all of which are in rather peculiar locations on her body. She has a large beautiful lion face on the back of her neck, and just below that is an interesting script Body Paint which reads "Word, Sound, Power".

Her third Body Paint is the number "13", which is near the bottom of her breast bone (sternum).

Checkout these photos of Mena Suvari and her lovely Body Paint.

Elisabetta Canalis Body Paint

Elisabetta Canalis is one of the most popular Italian models and actresses who is commonly seen as a personality on Italian television.

Elisabetta Canalis has a few Body Paint , including an armband of roses on her right arm which covers up her original Body Paint of the rappers name "Eminem".

She also has a small rose on her left wrist which was her first Body Paint , and two inscriptions reading "Pain is love" on her right forearm and "I'll never walk alone" on her left forearm.

One Funny Man!

Jim Meskimen is a Scientologist and he's one funny guy. He is an improv actor who has done a lot of work in commercials. Has his own YouTube channel, which is well worth browsing.

Here's one of my favorites:

You can also see him here in one of the Scientology public service announcements about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

And in the video: What Scientologists Say about Scientology:

He also does a lot of work for Galaxy Press, which publishes the fiction works of L. Ron Hubbard. He regularly appears in the Golden Age Story presentations, held at Author Services Inc. in Hollywood.

A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dream
Publish Post
ed by artists. — Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard

Nicolas Cage Body Paint

Nicolas Cage is a brilliantly captivating American actor, known for his leading role in a slew of blockbuster movies including Leaving Las Vegas and National Treasure.

Nicolas Cage has been spotted with several Body Paint, many of which are presumed to be fake designs for movie roles. He is suspected of only having one real Body Paint, which is of a monitor lizard wearing a top hat, located on his upper back.

Some of his other Body Paint include, a demon and flaming skull on his left shoulder and bicep, plus woody woodpecker on his right bicep.

Enjoy this pictures of Nicolas Cage and his Body Paint.

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