Noelle North, Actress with a Purpose

Noelle North is the Drug-Free Marshals coordinator for the Church of Scientology of Los Angeles.

That's her under the big ten gallon hat.

And here's the full story from the Scientology Press Office

Am I lucky or what?

Michelle Stafford
Well, yesterday I saw Kelly Preston and today I saw Michelle Stafford. I tell you, I get to see more Hollywood stars at my local Church of Scientology than the average Angelino! And they're all gorgeous!

I saw Kelly Preston

Kelly Preston with husband John Travolta
I saw Kelly Preston yesterday at my local Church of Scientology. She was looking good - very good actually - very bright and sparkly. She's a lovely person. Anyway, I found her website: Kelly Preston. Go check out the "Kelly's Causes" link, you'll find some interesting stuff there.

People Mag Reports on the Wedding of the Year

Tom's Top Gun Serenade

For Tom Cruise, words weren't enough to express his feelings for Katie Holmes. He had to do it in song -- and a familiar one at that.

When, L.A. deejay Mark Ronson played the Righteous Brothers tune "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" during the reception for the couple's wedding, Cruise serenaded his bride by singing along with the record.

"She was completely touched -- laughing, loving him and enjoying him," guest Leah Remini tells PEOPLE.

Cruise's impromptu serenade, of course, hearkens back to his performance of the same song in Top Gun. In the movie his character, Maverick, attempted to woo Kelly McGillis with the song. As for Katie, her heart already belongs to Tom.

After their magical evening , the newlyweds left the Odescalchi castle this morning at dawn, sources there tell PEOPLE. Tom & Katie then flew out of Rome for a honeymoon in the Maldives, sources confirm. The rest of the wedding party was expected to fly back to L.A. later on Sunday. As for the celebs, Victoria Beckham was spotted Sunday leaving the Hassler hotel with a massive cart of Louis Vuitton luggage trailing behind.

Scientology Weddings - What are they like?

Here's a good video that tells a bit about Scientology weddings.

The unique thing about Scientology weddings, as with the Scientology religion in general, is that it is built on practical truths that help the individual survive better in life. When applied to a marriage, they help the partners ensure the future of the relationship with the simple principle of A-R-C, standing for Affinity, Reality and Communication.

Read the Scientology Handbook chapter on ARC for information on how to use this in your own relationships -- not just with husband, wife, partner, etc. but in any relationship you have in life.

Very effective!

And here's the video.

Jenna Elfman

Jenna Elfman
Actress Jenna Elfman arrives by car for the wedding of actors Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise on Nov. 18, 2006, in Bracciano, Italy. (Photo by Giuseppe Cacace/Getty Images)

Almost Married

Scientology Wedding Ceremony
I think we're 5 hours behind Italy, so the marriage of the decade may have already taken place and I may be way behind the times, but here is the latest I've found: Cruise arrives to wed Holmes in Italy

I also found this article, which is pretty accurate, regarding the Scientology Wedding Ceremony: How Scientologists get married . The article quotes from my favorite wedding ceremony, the "Traditional Scientology Wedding Ceremony". I like that one best because it is written in what I would describe as a Shakespearian style, the meaning of a marriage and the responsibilities of both parties are given in a way that is easy to accept and agree with and it is light hearted without losing any dignity or taking away from the joy of the occasion.

Wedding Mania

Well, you can probably guess what's going to be on this blog for the next couple of days, but I'm going to try and keep it interesting. So, here is an interesting article with a couple of cool associated videos: Inside TomKat's Scientology Ceremony

A comments I wanted to make on the article. The reporter is trying to differentiate between a Scientology Wedding Ceremony and a Christian Wedding Ceremony. The religious scholar interviewed is probably correct, but I'd like to add that from my viewpoint, having been the minister at a couple of weddings, I'd say that the Scientology ceremony puts the attention on the people getting married and the creation of their future together.

Such a Beautiful Couple

Surprise, surprise, Media Accuracy

In this article the Scientology Wedding Ceremony is mentioned and ... they actually got it right. Amazing! Italian mayor chats up TomKat wedding

For even more details try this: Scientology Wedding

The Media are rushing around like chickens with their heads cut off

The media frenzy has begun. Of course, the venue is all guesswork, so who knows if they are right or not. Tom hasn't told me personally where it is to be, and I haven't received my invitation yet, but I'm hopeful :)

Anyway, here's an article about the current media favorite: The 15th-century Odescalchi Castle near Lake Bracciano. I must say it looks like a gorgeous spot, well befitting the marriage of the biggest star in the world.

And ... everything you wanted to know about a Scientology Wedding, but were afraid to ask is here: Scientology Wedding

I saw Jenna Elfman

I was at my local Scientology Church a couple of days ago and there standing in front of me was Jenna Elfman (where's a cell phone camera when you need it?). She is truly an Amazon: Tall, blonde and beautiful! Funnily enough I just found her MySpace site too: Jenna Elfman on MySpace.

Tom and Katie - Scientology Wedding

This weekend is the wedding of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Here's a link to a very nice site describing Scientology weddings.

One thing a Scientologist knows well is that a successful relationship is built on communication and trust. So here's a link to one of my favorite videos - It is based on a quote from Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard:

"On the day when we can fully trust each other, there will be peace on Earth."

Russell Crowe on Tom Cruise

One of the top actors in the world, Russell Crowe, stands up for another top actor, Tom Cruise. Watch the video clip: Russell Crowe on 60 Minutes (scroll down to "Defending Tom Cruise")

And She Does It

Never one to renig on a bet, Kirstie Ally actually appeared on Oprah today in a bikini.

Her message:

"We can decide to change anything — at any age," Alley said. "What I hope for all women is they feel good about themselves, they look the way they want to look."

Iza Calzado

Iza Calzado is a Filipina actress maybe best know for her role as Amihan in the fantasy show Encantadia and it's spin offs Etheria and Encantadia: Pag-ibig hanggang wakas. And can currently be seen as Cielo in the TV show Atlantika.

Born Maria Isadora Ussher Calzado in Quezon City, Philippines on 8/12/1982

Iza Calzado can also be seen in such movies as

Annie B
Moments of Love
Mulawin The Movie

some other TV shows she has been in

All my Love aka Tres Hermanos
Kung Mawawala Ka
Sigaw (The Echo)

up coming films

Mona: Singapore Escort
Shake, Rattle & Roll 8

Kirstie Alley Gets Bikini-Ready for Oprah

Do you think Kirstie will do it? Model a bikini on Oprah now that she has reacher her target weight?

The irrepresible Ms. Alley -- who knows!

Tom Cruise & Paula Wagner to Run a Film Studio!

Many in the movie business thought that old Sumner Redstone was getting senile (think "King Lear") when he cut off negotiations with Cruise-Wagner Productions and thereby lost Paramount Pictures their biggest money making star, but for Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner it's turning out to have been the perfect decision. Not only did they immediately get production companies camping outside their door but now they are running a film studio!

Tom Cruise, Partner, to Run Film Studio
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