Movie: Knight and Day

I just saw the trailer for the Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz movie Knight and Day that is coming out next year. Wow! Looks like a funny movie! And starring two of my favorite stars!

You can catch the trailer on the movie's web site: Knight and Day

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Cute HQ photos of Deepika Padukone

After a long time some very high resolution photos of Deepika Padukone showing her feet. Although i personally don't like her, but past posts on this blog have shown that she has got a huge fan following(She also makes it to the all time top 10 list of popular posts on this blog). The barefeet shots of Deepika Padukone below are from her photoshoot for BSNL.

The original Ultra High resolution photos are uploaded to an imagehost. Click the photos for full resolution view:

Deepika Padukone BareFeet fDeepika Padukone BareFeet fDeepika Padukone BareFeet

Image Hosting, HQ Images and Donations!

There have been complaints about why some of the older posts of this blog are not displaying any images. Unfortunately, some of the HQ images posted at that time were uploaded to various imagehosts which have over time deleted those images for reasons they know best. As a result you will find quite a few broken images in older posts of this blog.

A decision was taken last year to upload all images to picasa web albums so that the situation of image deletion does not arise. However, picasa has a limited free usage space(1Gb of storage only) and that is about to run out. Paid storage plans will have to be purchased in order to preserve all the past uploads.

A request to all readers of this blog that if you like the stuff posted here, please consider making a small donation via paypal. It will help us in getting more dedicated storage space.

Apart from that, there are also many stock images of various bollywood stars that are available for purchase from different commercial stock sites. For example here are a couple of shots I haven't seen anywhere of Aishwarya Rai in bed barefoot.

Since individual photos in high resolution are usually too costly to purchase, your donations would allow us to purchase and post such rare images here.

Donations however, are completely voluntary!

Beautiful Feet - Navina Model Photos

Navinda is upcoming model who will also be seen in teh South Indian film industry soon.

Model Rishika Singh

Rishika Singh will be seen in Tollywood film industry soon. She is a model by profession. Barefeet photos of Rishika Courtesy Nitin Bedi.

Cute Indian Model Barefeet - Vineeta

Indian Model Vineeta shot barefoot by fashion photographer Rahul Dutta. These are her portfolio shots. A very pretty face.

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