At Your Leisure with Josh Kloss



Following our spotlight, we bring you Red model Josh Kloss in the second issue of At Your Leisure



Robert Longo Tribute by Andreas Öhlund



Photographer Andreas Öhlund pays tribute to Robert Longo and his iconic Men in the Cities series in Plaza magazine.



Dimitar Berbatov Body Paint

Dimitar Berbatov is an extremely talented Bulgarian footballer and is the all-time leading goalscorer for the Bulgarian national team.

Dimitar Berbatov has a fair amount of Body Paint to call his own, including several Chinese character on his right forearm which are said to represent protection and power.

He also has a rather large tribal Body Paint on his left forearm, containing a small cross, and is said to have more Body Paint which are less viable.

Anna Benson Body Paint

Anna Benson is a lovely American model and wife of Major League Baseball player Kris Benson.

Anna simply has one visible Body Paint, which is a colorful tribal armband with her husbands nickname "Benny" just above it.

Checkout the picture of her beautiful Body Paint below.

Chester Bennington Body Paint

Chester Bennington is the extremely creative American musician and singer-songwriter, best known as the lead vocalist of the rock band, Linkin Park.

Chester Bennington has a large number of Body Paint , including the name of his band "Linkin Park" across his lower back in large old English letters, along with two huge dragons and a four-armed creature in the center of his back.

The Body Paint on his left arm include, a large koi fish, long blue flames around his wrist and forearm, and butterflies on his elbow area.

The Body Paint on his right arm include, a ring of blue flames around his wrist identical to the one on his left wrist, skull with diamond eyes and a spider web on his elbow, plus another koi fish along with flower peddles and other vegetation on his upper arm.

Chester has a large rose in the center of his chest with three banners and the initials "CB TB" "JMB DSB TLB" "IB" which is in honor of his close family members.

Benji Madden Body Paint

Benji Madden is a talented American musician, producer, DJ and the guitarist and backup vocalist for the group, Good Charlotte.

Benji Madden has an extensive art galley of tattoos on his body, including several faith based tattoos which represent his belief in Christianity.

Some of the tattoos contained within the sleeve on his right arm include, a large portrait of Jesus, bunny rabbit with sacred heart shirt, bats, skeleton with top hat, clouds and stars, Alice from Alice in wonderland, plus a large crown with the name "Mom" on his shoulder, plus many other Body Paint .

Some of the Body Paint on his left arm include, Jesus and the twelve disciples at the last supper, spiderweb, large dagger, nautical stars, bats, world globe surrounded by fire, scribe, skull and crossbones, crow, circled "gc" for Good Charlotte, "East Coast Punx" with brace knuckles and switchblade knife, and many more.

Some of Benji Madden's other Body Paint include, the sacred heart of Jesus Christ, located on his upper chest along with a keyhole of fire, plus "Made Man" on the knuckles of his two hands.

He also has Jesus praying on the right side of his neck and Mary praying on the left side of his neck, among many other Body Paint on his body.

Raja Bell Body Paint

Raja Bell is a talented American professional basketball player who has played for NBA teams such as the Utah Jazz and Phoenix Suns.

Raja Bell a rather large collection of Body Paint on his body, including the sacred Hindu "Aum" symbol.

He has a large lion pawing a basketball with the letters "R A T", located on his left upper arm area.

On his right arm is several Body Paint , including names and quotes which are difficult to see clearing, however they contain his name "Bell" and "Dawg".

Catherine Bell Body Paint

Catherine Bell is a gorgeously captivating actress who is best known for her role as Lt. Colonel Sarah MacKenzie on the television show JAG.

Catherine Bell has a single visible Body Paint on her body, which is a small heart with the word "Love" in the middle, located on her right ankle.

Devin Grant by Richard Pier Petit | Wonder Boy



Vision model Devin Grant is Wonder Boy by Richard Pier Petit



Dave Gahan by Willy Vanderperre



Dave Gahan by Willy Vanderperre in last year's Interview magazine



Kelly Preston and Silent Birth

With Kelly Preston's new arrival due any time, my fellow blogger Tad has created the ultimate answer to any question you may have about "silent birth".

(By-the-way, it's actually called "quiet birth" but that sounds less controvertial than "silent birth" so the media likes to mis-name it.)

Anyway, head on over to Tad's website and check out Everything you Wanted to Know About Silent Birth but Were Afraid to Ask .

A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists. — Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard

AJ Abualrub by Randall Mesdon | Black Mountain College



In addition to his cover story with Sean O’Pry, photographer Randall Mesdon makes a second appearance in the latest issue of Seventh Man magazine with ‘Black Mountain College Photos.’ The editorial features Ford model AJ Abualrub, styled by Julie Ragolia.



Notes of Love by Emilio Tini



The latest issue of The Room magazine features this fantastic editorial La Parola Amore Esiste (Notes of Love) by Emilio Tini, a photographer who continues to impress and enchant me with his work each and every time.



Burton C. Bell Body Paint

Burton C. Bell is a great American musician, best known as the frontman of the heavy metal group, Fear Factory.

Burton C. Bell has quite a few Body Paint , most of which are tribal style Body Paint , including a large tribal Body Paint on his upper stomach.

The Body Paint on his right arm include, large tribal hooks on his forearm, along with the sacred crucifixion scene of Christ, located on his upper right arm area.

The Body Paint on his left arm include, the outlining of a hand on his upper arm, along with more extensive tribal Body Paint.

Burton also has the letters "FF" on his left legs, which represent his band "Fear Factory".

Naima Belkhiati Body Paint

Naima Belkhiati is a beautiful French born singer, best known as a member of the British pop group, Honeyz.

Naima has just one Body Paint that we are aware of, which is a small dolphin with three tiny stars located on her left ankle.

Michelle Behennah Body Paint

Michelle Behennah is a pretty English model who has appeared in magazines such as Elle, Glamour Italy and Vogue Italy.

Michelle has a single visible Body Paint , which is of a nicely inked sea horse located on her right shoulder.

Amanda Beard Body Paint

Freja Beha is a gorgeous up and coming Danish fashion model, who was discover on the streets of Denmark while an agent passing by in a taxi spotted her.

Freja Beha has numerous small Body Paint on her body, including the word "Float" on the left side of her neck.

The Body Paint on her left arm include, a line of three vertical circles, the word "Redemption" and a revolver gun.

The Body Paint on her right arm include, the phrase "Serendipity is Life", and "This Too Shall Pass", plus "This World Tonight is Mine" on her right wrist.

Some of her other Body Paint include, a lightning bolt on her right ribcage, an upside down triangle on the back of her neck, and a small star on her left upper torso, plus two lines on her left hand middle finger.

Tyson Beckford Body Paint

Tyson Beckford is a handsome American model and actor, best known as a Ralph Lauren model.

Tyson Beckford has numerous Body Paint covering his body, including a large cross on his back with the words "Lord of Lord's" in the center.

The Body Paint on his left arm include, the name "Tyson" in old English lettering, the classic "Laugh Now, Smile Later" masks with two banners containing the words, a dragon on his forearm, plus a spider web on his elbow among several other Body Paint within the sleeve.

The Body Paint on his right arm include, an array of clouds which covers most of his bicep and shoulder area, plus a large Chinese dragon and a spider web on his elbow.

Tyson has two Body Paint on his neck, the name of his son "Jordan" on the left side and some Kanji characters on the right side.

He also has some extensive tribal artwork on his left leg.

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