Benji Madden Body Paint

Benji Madden is a talented American musician, producer, DJ and the guitarist and backup vocalist for the group, Good Charlotte.

Benji Madden has an extensive art galley of tattoos on his body, including several faith based tattoos which represent his belief in Christianity.

Some of the tattoos contained within the sleeve on his right arm include, a large portrait of Jesus, bunny rabbit with sacred heart shirt, bats, skeleton with top hat, clouds and stars, Alice from Alice in wonderland, plus a large crown with the name "Mom" on his shoulder, plus many other Body Paint .

Some of the Body Paint on his left arm include, Jesus and the twelve disciples at the last supper, spiderweb, large dagger, nautical stars, bats, world globe surrounded by fire, scribe, skull and crossbones, crow, circled "gc" for Good Charlotte, "East Coast Punx" with brace knuckles and switchblade knife, and many more.

Some of Benji Madden's other Body Paint include, the sacred heart of Jesus Christ, located on his upper chest along with a keyhole of fire, plus "Made Man" on the knuckles of his two hands.

He also has Jesus praying on the right side of his neck and Mary praying on the left side of his neck, among many other Body Paint on his body.

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