Billie Joe Armstrong Body Paint

Billie Joe Armstrong is the legendary punk rock musician turned international superstar, songwriter and vocalist with his long time band, Green Day.

Billie Joe has quite a few Body Paint designs on his body, including a car on the left side of his chest (1955 Ford Fairlane?) along with a skull.

The Body Paint on his right arm include, the name of his wife "Adrienne" and son "Joseph" along with two praying angels facing each other, and a patch of several roses. He also has the words "All Ages" with a star on each side, the Japanese symbols for pinhead and pot, plus the logo of the Riverdales (circle 27). And finally, a photo booth filmstrip of his wife Adrienne, on his forearm.

The Body Paint on his left arm include, a very colorful partial sleeve which contains a baby smoking a cigar, a clown bracelet, lego man, soccer bar and some kids alphabet blocks, among other things. E.B.P.M (East Bay Punk Mafia) on the inside of his left wrist, plus an array of colorful stars on his upper left arm, along with a tiger.

Some of Billie Joe Armstrong's other Body Paint designs include, the word "PUNX" on his left hand and lower abdomen, along with the number "80", a small cross with beams of light on his right hand, and a little black skull and red heart on his middle finger.

See the pictures of Billie Joe Armstrong's Body Paint below.

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