John Travolta flies volunteers back from Haiti

Here is a video and a link to more of the story:

John Travolta Flies Virginia Volunteer Back from Haiti

A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists. — Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard

Naoko Mori

Actress Naoko Mori was born in Nagoya, Japan on November 19th 1975.

Naoko Mori grew up in Japan, New Jersey and London. When Naoko Mori was only fifteen she lived by herself when her father was called back to Japan.

Naoko Mori got her first acting role in the film Desmond's and shortly after that she joined the cast of Absolutely Fabulous (Ab Fab) where Naoko Mori played Sarah.

Naoko Mori may also be known for the role of Doctor Toshiko Sato on Doctor who and Torchwood. As well as the show Casualty.

other things Naoko Mori can be seen in are Spiceworld, Running in time, Topsy-Turvy, Spooks, Lennon Naked, Hot Tub Ranking, Pyschos, Hackers and many other projects.

Seve Ballesteros Body Paint

Severiano "Seve" Ballesteros is a great Spanish professional golfer with a former No.1 ranking, who is a major figure in Spanish sports history.

Seve Ballesteros has a single Body Paint which is located on his left forearm.

His Body Paint is a small blue silhouette of himself, after winning the 1984 Open.

Bows, Belts, & Hats

A collection of jewellery and hats by Baptiste Viry

A Cat's new friend

A cat's new friend.

A Warm Christmas

A Warm Christmas

Steve Austin Tattoos

Steve Austin, perhaps better known by his ring name "Stone Cold" is a former professional wrestler and current celebrity movie and television star actor.

Stone Cold Steve Austin has two tattoo designs, including a small crystal ball on his left leg.

He also has the the state of Texas along with a steer/longhorn head, tattooed on his left calf.


The braid is the new rage for Spring Summer 2010

On & Off the runway!


Alexander Mcqueen



Chanel Display Window

Celebrities (L to R) Blake Lively, Nicole Richie, Mary Kate Olsen, Alicia Keys, Brandy

Even I copped the braid for my birthday, courtesy of Maria Betrand of Kasnique .

Phil Anselmo Body Paint

Phil Anselmo is an American musician, perhaps best known for being the lead singer of the heavy metal band Pantera, he is also the front man for the group, Down, and owner of Housecore records.

Phil Anselmo has a smattering of Body Paint on his body, mainly focused on his arms.

The Body Paint on his left arm include, a skeleton, a plaque with the saying "Body and Blood, Joy and Pain, Life and Death". He also has a snake on the inner side of his forearm with a demon and flames on the outer side.

Some of the Body Paint on his right arm include, a large zombie head, the devil and other ghoulish creatures on his upper right arm area.

Feast your eyes on the evil Body Paint of rock star, Phil Anselmo.

Alessandra Ambrosi Body Paint

Alessandra Ambrosio is a hugely successful Brazilian model, best known for her modeling work with the Victoria's Secret company.

Alessandra Ambrosio only has one visible Body Paint on her body, which is on her lower back, just above her left butt cheek.

The Body Paint is of a small cat, resting on crescent moon while dangling a tiny star.

Robbie Williams Body Paint

Robbie Williams is an amazingly talented and one of the most successful British pop singers of all time.

Robbie truly has a passion for Body Paint designs, seeing how he has fourteen of them, at last count.

He has a rather large Maori tribal Body Paint on his upper left arm and shoulder area, containing many twisted and turns which is meant to represent the constant change in his life.

The Body Paint on his right arm include, a lion head on his bicep with the words "Born to be mild" on a banner beneath it, along with the phrase "Elvis, grant me serenity" above the lion head.

On his right forearm is a Christian Body Paint design, with Jesus on the cross, and the Virgin Mary along side two angels and a dove.

He has a Body Paint on the back of each forearm in old English lettering, one says "ILoveU" and the other says "Mother".

The Body Paint on his back include, the Eye of Horus, an Egyptian falcon god said to protect from evil spirits. On his lower back he has the musical notes and lyrics of "All You Need Is Love" by the Beatles.

On his abdomen is a pair of beautiful swallows, a type of bird which represents freedom and honor.

He has matching Body Paint on each wrist with the name "Jack" and "Farrell" accompanied by a small heart, in memory of his grandfather.

Some of Robbie Williams' other Body Paint designs include, a Celtic cross on his hip, the word "love" on the knuckles of his right hand, the phrase "chacun à son goût" French for "Everyone has got his own taste" on his chest, and finally the letter "B" behind his left ear, which is dedicated to his good friend Betty.

Enjoy some pictures of Robbie Williams and his Body Paint.

Ibn Jasper 's got some killer pumps...

Kanyes BFF/Stylist has shoes to die for.

spotted @Bossip

Ashish Spike me down...

Ashish loves the bad girl in you...

When a bad girl walks she wears Patent Hellraiser Pumps courtesy of 2BD.

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