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Happy Halloween

I'm still debating on what my Halloween costume should be this year.
Maybe I'll go as Naomi Campbell and throw cell phones around as I sashay around town.
It's an option.

photos: the glamourai

A Warm Necklush

I like the idea of wearing a necklace that keeps you warm at the same time. Don't you?
For the woman who will be braving those cold Winter nights on their way to the club, try rockin' a Necklush.

My faves...

Find your own favorite here...

photos: Necklush

Killer Pumps

"If there's a gun around, I want to be in control of it."- Clint Eastwood

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Trap Stars

Channel your inner Elmer Fudd in Falls latest trend - the Trapper Hat.
Micheal Kors Traps are a techinicolor dream...

Keep your head warm this winter in any one of these functional yet fashionable Head Traps...

[Jennifer Garner]

[Lily Allen]

I spotted the ever fashionable Wolf J at the Fusion "Urban Meets Vogue" Fashion show this weekend bust'n winters trend before the rest. Ladies.. Fellas.. follow his lead.

photo: thebaglady, this is next
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