Tyson Beckford Body Paint

Tyson Beckford is a handsome American model and actor, best known as a Ralph Lauren model.

Tyson Beckford has numerous Body Paint covering his body, including a large cross on his back with the words "Lord of Lord's" in the center.

The Body Paint on his left arm include, the name "Tyson" in old English lettering, the classic "Laugh Now, Smile Later" masks with two banners containing the words, a dragon on his forearm, plus a spider web on his elbow among several other Body Paint within the sleeve.

The Body Paint on his right arm include, an array of clouds which covers most of his bicep and shoulder area, plus a large Chinese dragon and a spider web on his elbow.

Tyson has two Body Paint on his neck, the name of his son "Jordan" on the left side and some Kanji characters on the right side.

He also has some extensive tribal artwork on his left leg.

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