Airbrush America

It is no secret of history that the airbrush and artistic airbrushing are American inventions and that the reason why airbrushing is as popular as it is today is mostly due to American artists and the American media. However the use of the airbrush and everything to do with it has since completely spread across the planet to every country, today artists in every country use airbrushes to render amazing, jaw-dropping works of art and graphics onto everything that can be painted onto, from cars and motorcycles to t-shirts and onto people even.

Today, a countless number of professions and industries that are not necessarily artistic in nature, use airbrushing for various parts of their manufacturing processes, like for spraying coats of color or liquefied materials onto surfaces. Airbrushing has evolved so much since the first airbrushed watercolor drawings were made over one hundred years ago, that the first airbrush artists of a century ago, were they alive today, would be in shock and awe of the art that is created with the airbrush today and at the many new applications and mediums that have been created.

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