Bif Naked Body Paint

Bif Naked is a wonderfully creative American-Canadian rock singer-songwriter, poet, cartoonist and actress who is a multi-platinum artist.

Bif Naked is absolutely loaded with Body Paint on both arms, back and torso areas, including the words "Hard Core" along with a flower around her belly button.

The Body Paint on her left arm include, the Egyptian Eye of Horus, the Hindu deity of Ganesha, along side a large lotus flower, plus a full body portrait of a women located on her forearm, and several other small Body Paint .

The Body Paint on her right arm include, a large dragon on her upper arm, plus a big unknown monster design on her forearm, along with many other designs including some kanji character.

She also has a lotus flower at the top of each shoulder, plus some script Body Paint on her right wrist.

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