Victor Blanco was born in 1984. As a lover of glamour that he is, wants to be able to mix Style, Fashion and Luxury. He works basically as a Celebrity Stylist.
Currently responsible for the image of some spanish celebrities. Actresses such as: Carla Nieto, Ana Fernandez, Alicia Sanz, Paloma Bloyd or Carmen Ruiz. Singers such as: Soraya or Nika and VIP socialités such as: Carmen Lomana and Silvia Casas...

Soon will released his first book, published by Grupo Zeta: "SIN COMPLEJOS by Victor Blanco", in which he talks about fashion, luxury and styling, also works as a Fashion Consultant for the Valencia Fashion Week and Managing the Blogger Area of it's website and Consultant for luxury stores around Spain among other projects.

Victor Has been dedicated to this world more than eight years. His first experience was in October 2003 when he worked as a fashion consultant for Furest, an important Catalan brand.

He also worked for Gonzalo Comella as fashion consultant, and from there started working as a Visual Merchandiser Manager for companies such as D&G, Bally, Prada and Ralph Lauren, the last one was as Visual Merchandiser Europe, dealing with the image of their Shop at European level. In those brands he began to know very well the world of celebrities and PR, and being in charge of the VIP customer accounts, being personal stylist and personal shopper for some of them.

Now he spends a 100% of his time to various projects involved with fashion. Given his knowledge and in-store fashion vip, strategic outlets and shops in each city. He travels internationally, informed of the latest shops and trends in each city to help all clients achieve a unique look.

Known as "the last "it" boy"  thanks to his love and passion for high heels: Louboutin or Brian Atwood.

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