Allen Iverson Body Paint

Here we will feature the Body Paint of the amazingly talented NBA all star basketball player, Allen Iverson.

Allen Iverson has nearly 20 Body Paint designs scattered over his body.

The Body Paint on his right arm include, the phrase 'Hold My Own', a skull head with an army helmet, the words 'Cru Thik' and 'Jewelz', plus a large black panther on his forearm.

The Body Paint on his left arm include, a cross with the phrase 'Only The Strong Survive', a bulldog with 'The Answer' above it, 'Cru Thik' which is the name of his record company, 'Dynasty Radaz' a name that he and his friends called each other as kids, 'Fear No One' with an evil goblin creature, the word 'Strength' written in ancient Sanskrit, and finally the letters 'NBN'.

Allen Iverson has two Body Paint on his chest, one of which is the names of his daughter and son 'Tiaura & Deuce', and the praying hands of Jesus with the initials of his mother and grandmother.

Iverson has a few Body Paint on his neck, including two Chinese characters which mean 'loyalty' and the nickname of his childhood friend 'RA Boogie' on the right side of his neck. On the left side of his neck is a spider web with the letters 'C.T', along with 'Virginia' and 'Slim' which is his birth place and perhaps a nickname.

The Body Paint on his legs include, 'East End' and 'Cru Thik', both of which run vertically down his legs.

Allen Iverson's newest Body Paint are, the word 'FAME' 'F@#!? ALL MY ENEMIES' on his back. Plus 'Money Bagz' with a dollar sign on his left hand.

Checkout these pictures of his Body Paint designs.

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