Marilyn Manson Body Paint

Marilyn Manson is the satanic goth rocker, who your parents have probably warned you about.

Marilyn Manson has quite a few Body Paint designs on his body, most of which are in relation to the occult, horror and underworld of society.

The Body Paint on his right arm include, a smiling single horned green cyclops, a large green hornet/fly looking insect with a tiny skull drawn on its wing.

On the backside of his right forearm is a Body Paint of a large skull and spooky haunted tree which is rooted into the top of the skull.

The Body Paint on his left arm include, a large smiling red devil in the center of a horseshoe with an eight ball on top and three dice below, all of which are placed on six, surrounded with flames.

Just below that Body Paint is the head of a black goat (Baphomet), which is a symbol commonly associated with satanism. He also has a ghoulish face on the backside of his left forearm, a comic book character titled "Uncle Creepy", plus a cobweb on his left wrist.

And finally, Marilyn has seemingly matching Body Paint on his inner forearms of the mythical creature known as Cyaegha. A green eye enclosed by a mass of tentacles.

Feast your eyes on these pictures of Marilyn Manson and his Body Paint designs.

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