Addressing some of the questions raised in the comments over the past few months:

  1. Can we send this blog our photos? The answer is no. Just too much spam comes in via that route and there is no time to sift through it. Plus personal photos are not tolerated in any case. Sometimes, however, user contributed celeb images have been posted but its usually an exception.
  2. Why only barefeet photo's? Most good feet showing celeb photos are missed that way! Yes, that is a valid point especially since most of the Pakistani celebs don't usually do barefeet shoots. Some of non barefeet photos of celebs will be added in future on case by case basis as long as the celeb is a pretty one. 
  3. Why no videos? Maybe, if time permits. Most celeb videos are on youtube anyway.
  4. Can we have more photos of XYZ? If they aren't already here, then most probably they aren't worth posting here.
  5. Haven't you heard of ragalahari? Yes. But most of the models there are not good looking enough to feature here. That said, expect some of the "worth posting" photoshoots here.
  6. Can we have daily, more frequent updates? Sorry, No. If you want more, google is your friend. As was mentioned a year back, the blog might cease to exist in future. Enjoy while it lasts.
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